Saturday, April 21, 2012

Bubbles!! My Bubbles.

We had a bubble day and it was wild! It reminded me of this clip from Finding Nemo:

Hahaha! That fish really needs some major therapy. Anyway! Yes, we had a bubble day. Alex got a great bubble toy from one of his friends at the party, so we made a Target trip this morning to get some more bubble supplies. And some treats :)

 Yep, Starbucks. And, we have now gotten to the point where they ask for a treat, as well. So, the coffee comes AFTER the shopping part to keep the good behavior going. LOL Luckily, Starbucks has those little packs at the register that have 2 cookies a piece. Shortbread! Yum! 

Nifty bubble blower. Whoever came up with this idea was a genius. Little kids just do not know how to blow the bubbles by themselves. 

Alex checking it out

Andy loving the bubble power

 And the wild is unleashed! 

 Mama getting a bubble bath lol - that was exactly what Andrew said, too!

Alex loved pushing the button to make it go. And, he also loved pouring the bubble solution all over him. Andrew was a great helper though and showed him how to do it a few times.

They LOVED playing with the bubbles together! Andrew kept making them and Alex chased them. It was so funny to watch them both giggle, fall down giggling, get up giggling, and continue running while - wait for it - giggling!! 

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