Sunday, April 29, 2012

Fire {Open} House

One year ago today. Can you believe it has been 1 year already since the devastation of the tornado?! WOW.

But, our community knows how to remember that day - open house at the brand new fire department! It was fabulous! And, the fire trucks are pretty awesome. Andy and Alex LOVED every bit of it!

 Checking out some gadgets

 Climbing into the ladder truck. This was Andrew's favorite!

 He didn't really want to get out and he was rather excited about the huge key ring. 

Look really hard and you can see Andy "driving" with Daddy as his partner :)

 Alex getting in on the action

 Fun picture 

 Grill Chill

Andy on another rescue mission in a different truck

 Mini fire chief

 So NOT wanting to get out  

Another fun picture! Love how I got his reflection in the mirror!

 Our beautiful flag flying proudly from the ladder truck!
*I'm sharing this photo with Simple As That*

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