Monday, April 16, 2012

Alex's 1st Birthday {Party Pics}

Wow! This weekend was FABULOUS! A wonderful afternoon was share by a large handful of friends and family - we thank everyone for coming out to celebrate with us! Here are some pictures of the extravaganza!

 Welcome to our home! Love my party wreath! Just a TON of curly ribbons pinned on to a foam wreath form. Easy peasy!

 The spread! Hot dogs, chips/salsa, cheddar bunnies (ha! had to keep my bunny theme!), apple sauce for the kids, Easter candies, almonds, cupcakes, carrot lollipop, etc. Good stuff!

The was Andrew's idea - he said the table needed to party, too. LOL Love him! Yes, Andy! 

He was right, though. This was THE party table!

 And how cute are these two?! Alex is making sure everyone knows that "B" is HIS friend! Love it!

This is my mama! And, that pose is how I always remember her from back in the day when I was little! HA! Can you totally see that she is saying, "Don't you do that" (or something similar) to one of my brothers! Love you, Mom!

Ok, we had the most random, disorganized "Egg Hunt" in the history of egg hunts. See, we have no trees...meaning there are really no places to hide the eggs. You remember the egg hunt we had on Easter, right? Well, same thing. Eggs every where! LOL Eh, the kids all loved getting the candy - including my brothers! 

Opening presents after having fun outside! I think this was definitely the highlight for Alex! He loved peeking in the bag and I know his Daddy loved helping him!

Once more, a huge thank you to my family who drove the 4 hours to hang out with us for the day and to all the friends who came to celebrate with us! We love you all and are so happy to have you in our lives!

Happy 1st birthday, Alex! We hope you had a great year!!


  1. Yay! Looks like you all had a great time! Sorry we missed it, but thanks for posting pics!

  2. Looks like a great party! What a fun first birthday :)

  3. It was a wonderful party!!! I just can't believe our little Alex is a big one year old!!!! Hugs!!! -- Grandma


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