Monday, April 9, 2012

Weekly Goals

It's a busy week this week and last week flew right on by us. But, thankfully, I got plenty of freezer cooking done. No, I cannot share about that yet, other than all the recipes were amazing! I am a test cook for another blogger and will share about it soon :) And, we have a potluck dinner at Church this week, too. So, yay! There is minor cooking happening this week. Which is wonderful since a certain someone is turning 1 this week!!!!!

I can't believe Alex is going to be 1!!! 

Of course, busy weeks are all the rage in motherhood. And, I definitely have some goals to tackle this week. 

1. Run 2x this week for 30 minutes
2. Walk 1 hr with 3x this week (that stroller is killer!)
3. Read 1 hr before bed
4. Bed by 10pm
5. Clean/organized hall closet (part of my home goals 2012)
6. Take boys to botanical garden while we are learning about trees and birds this week. 
7. Of course, finish getting the party started ;) Almost all of it is done. Just the baking is really all that is left and a decoration here and there. 

What are you doing this week?

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