Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Little Bit of ME Time Goes a Long Way

For the past few weeks, I have started a new routine for myself - waking up at the crack of dawn. Well, I wake up at 5:45 am, so it is just before/right at dawn these days. It was extremely hard the first few days. I had to make myself get off the computer at 9pm telling myself I have to finish that book. Of course, Life of Pi, was an exciting book, so I had to make myself stop reading by 10pm - giving me enough time to get myself in bed by 10:30. Done! I'm now on a great sleep schedule (when I can fall asleep, that is.)

I'm excited to wake up because the morning is so wonderful. It is a different quiet than "nap time quiet." Everyone is still asleep, including our dog. Yes, I LOVE our children and my husband, of course. But, I would love to not be summoned for a moment, you know? I would love to have a peaceful way to start the day instead of rushing people to eat their breakfast to get out the door (or whatever it is that the day calls for that morning). It has been so wonderful.


Here's my morning:

5:45 am Wake and make a lovely cup of coffee! Sometimes, if I'm lucky TWO CUPS!

While sipping on my coffee, I'm reading a chapter or two of whichever Gospel I'm working on - currently, I'm almost finished with Mark. This is part of my "game changer." (See post here about how Catholics can change the way we are viewed by Catholics and non-Catholics in the modern world. It is quite interesting what I have found out these past few months about what other denominations think about us. Why, I have no clue... But that is another post for another time.)

Now that I have time to start my day with God instead of the stresses of motherhood, I can actually think better. Seriously.

If I have time, I catch up on a few emails/blogs.

I get breakfast ready and start the waking of the house LOL

Jason's up by 7-ish and the boys are getting dressed.

I'm dressed and have a clean house. WOW! (I do that the night before - just pick up here and there)

This is only Wednesday, I know. But, this has been the best week ever! I haven't yelled at anyone (except when it's across the house - gotta work on that still) and I am FINALLY starting the process of getting OFF the anti-depressants (No more happy pills?!  What's this all about? see post here).

If you are a mom (or even someone who is under a lot of stress for whatever reason), consider getting up before everyone else. I have NEVER been a morning person - until now. Jason learned over the years to not mess with me if I am sleeping. LOL, I get really annoyed when I'm woken up. Ok, I used to. No, I still do - I think. Not sure really. It's been a while since anyone has woken me up in the middle of the night. And, no. I was never annoyed with the children for waking me - I knew that was going to happen. I mean, the unexpected waking up in the middle of the night stuff. That's annoying.

Anyway, I have learned through this routine change that:

A) I actually get better sleep
B) I get to enjoy 1 full cup of coffee without having to microwave it for even a second.
C) I get to start my day off with God.

Good things, people. Good things.

Where/how do you enjoy your "me time" during the day?

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  1. I need to try this! You seem to be doing great! Im defiantly not a morning person.. so it may be rough to try. My friend was telling me that Dr. Oz says we should literally jump out of bed to start our day.. that it helps to keep you awake and motivated. Haha.. maybe itll work :)

    Enjoy your coffee tomorrow!


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