Friday, April 27, 2012


Despite the weather being...interesting these past few days, we have still gone outside almost every day. And, now that Andrew and Alex have a place to play/eat in the backyard (can I get a "YAY FOR FENCES!"), we have had snack time many days outside.

But that is not all! Andrew asked for dinner outside. I told him that the bugs come out at dinner time and he said, "Lunch outside. Snack outside. Bugs, too." Smart kid, eh? I gave in and we had dinner outside. It was nice to not have to clean up the kitchen :)

 I know - jackets?! It was like 65 at this point of the day.Boys loving their burgers (in a pita b/c there were no buns in the freezer LOL)

And, I enjoyed a salad while laughing with Jason about him sitting at the picnic table. He said he fits fine. I say, we need an awesome patio set. Guess who is going to win? ;)

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  1. One of Braxtons bday presents is a picnic table for kiddos like yours!! I LOVE it!!!


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