Sunday, April 15, 2012

My Little Big Boy: Alex is 1!

Wait, what?! Alex is a 1 year old! WOW! That year went by crazy fast. Last April, he was just a brand new baby. But this April, he's a walking, almost running, toddler!

Isn't he a cutie? ;)

But, again, this year is a little different. Instead of me having to wake him up, he is the little rooster of the house. Here is the birthday boy on the morning of his day!

Up bright and early!

Enjoying some birthday pancakes - aka pancakes with sprinkle on top lol

He got to open the presents from his family before Daddy left for work. Here he is opening a present from Andrew - he picked it out himself, too!! 

 2 happy brothers Alex love his markers and Andrew loves that Alex likes it. :)

 Opening his present from all of us. Leap Frog Fridge Phonics :) Really great toy, but omg what an obnoxious song. LOL 

 After Jason headed to work, we got silly with decorations.

 They loved the crepe paper "door" and ran through it over and over and OVER again!

 The "door" lasted a good while. But then one snapped off and it got crazy LOL. Andrew covered Alex up in the paper and...

 He decided to swing wildly about - too funny! I love how you can still see him smiling through the paper in the 2nd pic. Very cool. 

 Aside from the sillies, I did get some decorations up for the party :)

Mantle: Our birthday banner from Target that I used at Andrew's 2nd birthday. And, mason jars filled with floral sprays and decorated styrofoam Easter eggs. I only bought those eggs (Hobby Lobby). I had everything else in the closet of doom aka the office/playroom closet

I had saved the cute crate from the Melissa and Doug band set and bought some faux grass. Threw in the rest of the styrofoam eggs and done :)

Andrew's last minute basket for school found at CVS ;) Filled that with the rest of the grass and bunch of super cute carrot lollipops from the Dollar Store!

Once my two little monkeys were down for a nap, it was time to get the cupcakes going. I got that new Duncan Hines frosting creations in Bubblegum and Orange Cream. But, really, it was an extremely subtle taste. So, I am not sure I would use it again. But the colors were JUST RIGHT for him - the colors of Pat the Bunny :) That's where this party got started - on Alex's love for "Baby Bunny" aka Pat the Bunny.

 Of course, even though this wasn't party day, we had a mini celebration after dinner (ok, you're right...this is like a whole day of mini celebrations lol) And, yes, his cupcake is bigger - I made a jumbo size for Alex.

 Which he loved...

Can't you tell!? It's upside down and 3/4 gone! LOL

Happy 1st Birthday, Alex!
Daddy, Mommy and Andrew love you so much!

PS. Stayed tuned for the party pics!

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