Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Rice Play

Last weekend I got down to business and crossed off most of my to-do list. Luckily, I had gather most of the items needed to put together this toddler activity basket. All, I really had to do was write down the activities that went with all the stuff.

Yesterday, we took out the rice boxes to play with. On Lindsay's blog, she has the list of activities to go with all of this great stuff. We used most of it, just changing a few things to fit our needs. For the rice play, this is what she writes:

Activity #5 - Dirt, Sand or Rice Play
Place dirt, sand, rice or beans in a large bowl or pan. Use various measuring cups,
shovel, spoons, and assorted containers to scoop and pour. Allow child to feel and
explore. Discuss how it feels. (Play outside or in a pack n’ play for easy clean up)

We used some kiddie spoons and those tiny containers for dips/small snacks. The boys really enjoyed this little activity and were both very quiet for almost an hour. Wow. I tried asking them stuff about what they were doing, but Andrew asked me to stop talking so he could work. Oh, my. 

Yes, they did make a bit of a mess, but it's ok because I got to use my new toy. LOL

I love this thing. I use it every day before the kids get down and play after eating. 

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