Sunday, June 17, 2012

Simple Things {Father's Day Edition}

Happy Father's Day!!

Jason, you are such an amazing father! I fall in love with you again and again watching you play with our children. You are so wonderful!! I love you so much!!

Dad, you are pretty awesome, too! I know I never really showed it when I was younger, but I am really thankful for everything that you have taught me and have done for me. Love you!

Thanks, mom, for taking this pic last weekend!! 

Y'all wanna know what's in the box, huh?

That is a magical box jam-packed with goodies just for my Dad! All of his favorite snacks are in there. See, as I have said, I have 5 brothers - 4 still living at home - and they eat everything in the house. So now Dad has his own secret stash! Mwuhahaha! Sorry, guys, I cannot tell you where it is located ;)

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