Sunday, June 3, 2012

Movie Night at the Park

Friday was opening night of the movie nights in the park. It was a lot of fun (in the beginning)! We picked up Jason from work then - we were bad - and grabbed some Arby's for dinner (I know! Gotta remember a picnic next time). Anyway, we scored some coupons to the Rocket Center in Huntsville - YAY! Andrew and Alex met a mammoth, saber-toothed tiger, the Vulcan, and (boo!) Spongebob Obnoxious Pants (sorry...I just really hate that show. he was there and Andrew basically had free reign of the park. Yep, no hand holding. He's getting bigger, huh?).

I wish I had thought to take pictures, but, oh well. There were some people shooting free t-shirts from the t-shirt guns and Andrew was seriously trying to get one. Of course, there were 100s of people there and the big kids get a little crazy. I remember those days! I was all about freebie shirts, too. Jason was even out in the crowd trying to score one!

The movie, Cars 2, started around 8:15 and it was kind of weird. And, not in a good way. Cars was a great movie, had great music and even a great message. But, Cars 2 - oh, no. We had to add in KILLING other cars and some crap about oil companies versus going green. UGH! Can we just watch a cute movie, people?! I'm not asking for rainbows and frills here. Kids DO NOT CARE about what the cars are using during their race. They just want to watch a cartoon while we parents get to enjoy something that is a bit better than Sesame Street, ok? We never asked for our 2 year old to watch Rambo or Alien...we want good movies. There. I said it. Kind of. Disney sucks at the moment for me. I'm not a happy parent.

But on a good note, Andrew and Alex understood that we had to leave when the bad car was not being nice (whoever the bad guy is...he was "torturing" one car  - by making him drive super fast on a treadmill and shooting some laser at him while saying that he was going to kill another car if he didn't give in to whatever lame. I bet Walt is turning over in in grave...). He was sad, but he said ok and asked for a goody. Yes, baby :)

Note to self: Check out the reviews BEFORE dragging everyone to the park.

Eh, they played on the playground and had a great time, right? No one has asked to watch Cars either - yet. We will try again next time, guys :)

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