Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Summer Lessons

Andrew has been doing some school work each day since we got back from our trip. He's been loving it! Most days he asks for more pages to do. We have been working with the Big Preschool Workbook and the Scholastic First Steps to Reading books/activities. The workbook I got here at Barnes and Noble. The Scholastic books I got from the awesome Rachel before she moved - thanks, girl! The set comes with the "first book" and then a book for each letter, plus flash cards for the sight words. We review a few words each morning and then throughout the day. The worksheets are done at snack time.
Alex gets to do some "school" stuff, too. He is learning his colors by using the "color of the day" crayon (he picks a color he wants to color with and it become the color of the day). He is catching it pretty fast, too! Today, he told me "lellow" when he pick up a lego - yay! He was right! I will get some more pictures of them doing their "work" soon.

I am so proud of my little guys! They are doing great!!

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