Saturday, June 2, 2012

Tennessee - Day 5 {con't}

Note: Did you miss our first few days on vacay? Click a day! DAY 1, DAY 2, DAY 3, and DAY 4 & 5 (part 1)

OK! Let's continue! I finally got my hubby's phone from him :)

We drove around for a little bit on one side of the little town and took some pics. Then we headed through town and stopped at a little park for the little guys to stretch out and burn some of that energy.

 So pretty! Almost makes me want a real log cabin right on the top :) 

 Andrew got out with Daddy to get a better look.

 I hung back closer to the car since Alex was cat-napping.

Awake and climbing on rocks at the park :)

Looking at the water from the bridge

We got back on the road again, only we ended up on this auto trail. A one-way road where we were not sure of it's end point. We did say we were going on an adventure, right? There were a bunch of places to park and look at key spots on the driving trail :)

There were also a few areas where old homes/farms had been. It's amazing how people used to live back then. 

After we finally came to the end of the driving trail, we found two waterfalls.

 Aren't they pretty? I love waterfalls :)

 Once we had come down the mountains, we went back into Pigeon Forge into the Old Mill square. Such a cute little area! Lots of fun little shops and cafes were found on every corner. But the most exciting one was the Old Mill Candy Kitchen.We all seemed to get a sugar high by just walking in there.

 Oh my YUM! Wanna know how much we spent on candy? Just pennies under $20 LOL

 Andrew having a bite of saltwater taffy. It was pretty funny. He wasn't really sure what to do about it until it was finally gone - he wanted more! Reminded me of one of the Friend's episodes where Phoebe has taffy for the first time, too LOL "Is it gum? Is it food?" LOL

Alex really enjoyed the cherry ropes :)

 Actually, the both did. Though, Andrew did keep asking for more taffy.

We grabbed dinner a bit later and started on our way back to the condo. Our little guys were so great and had such a fun time! They both fell asleep in the car and went to bed with no trouble when we got back. 

Well, just 2 more days to share with you!Read for more pictures? :D

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