Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Weekend with My Family {part 1}

This past weekend, we headed down to Pensacola for a wedding and to visit my family. My brothers won't stop growing yet...Christopher and Brendan are towering over me. Sean just passed my height. And, William, I am sure, will be taller than me the next time we see them. It is crazy how time flies after you move away, huh?

Anyway, I headed down a few days early since we had nothing else going on here and I really wanted to hang out with my family. Jason had a few projects to finish at work so he came for the weekend. We had a great time! It rained and rained and RAINED! It was crazy how much it rained that weekend. I hadn't seen it do that since a hurricane. Tons of places got flooded pretty bad...

But even though the weather was crazy, we still got a pool and park day! There is a super cool playground close to where Jason and I went to high school - Benny Russell Park. The cool thing is that Jason was one of the volunteers that helped build this place. So, it is pretty awesome that Andrew and Alex got to play here.

Andrew, William,and Alex ready for the park!

Want to see something even cooler that my mom found while we were playing around??? Remember, Jason helped build this place and that was well before he met me. Check this out!!

Look at the 2 board from the left! It says "Andrew and Alex W." HA! Clearly this is not them, but SO?! How cool is that!

Anyhoo! After the lunch and the park, we came back home and jumped in the pool before the monsoon came.

Me with Alex, William, Sean, and Andrew :) Sean and William were such a huge help! They played with Andrew while Alex and I played along. Every now and then we would switch the little guys around. Andrew thought it was so cool that he was hanging out with the "big guys."

My parents amazing backyard! I love their pool! It is so great to not have to a community pool. Those are so gross!
Well, as usual, I have taken too many pictures. So stay around a bit the next ones are coming up!

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