Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Morning Outing

Summers are HOT! Unless, you head out after breakfast. That is what we have been doing, and it is great! The weather is wonderful and not every one in the world is up and about just yet. Here's an idea of what the 1/2 half of the day looks like for us:

Boys are up around 7am (by "up" I mean, of course, out of their room. lol I'm sure they are awake before then).

Breakfast 7:30 - 8

8-830 Gather things together for the day's adventure and go! Sometimes we just go on a walk then play outside. Sometimes it is the park with a picnic from home. Sometimes we head out to the zoo, the gardens, or a museum.

11 am - Lunch time. Most of the time, I have a lunch packed with us if we are out. Sometimes we call up Jason to see if he can meet up for lunch.

12 or 12:30 Head home and run any errands on the way back, if needed.

Playtime when we get home until nap time (around 2pm).

Nice, huh? A whole "day" of fun!

So, what do you think today's adventure was? How about watching a herd of giraffes in complete amazement running wild at the zoo!? It was amazing!! The giraffes have a new habitat/exhibit and they seem so happy about it! I have never actually seen - in person - or heard a giraffe run, have you? They make barely any noise! No noise. We watched them for, like, 10 minutes.

Aren't they ah-mazing!?

 Checking out the birds

This langur cracks me up. Andrew saw him and said, "Oh my, mommy. Big eyes." He does look like he has huge eyes - kinda freaky. But, it is just some fur. 

 Ok, he's just like a big dog. He is digging a hole by the fence. I swear he is trying to get out. 

 Looking for the other 2 elephants

 Watching the red panda - wish we had some big pandas. You know, the black and white ones.

 Possibly Alex's favorite. He saw the zebra and squealed! 

On the train again :)

Good times!

Do you have a summer routine?

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