Saturday, June 2, 2012

Tennessee - Day 7 {Going home!}

Note: Did you miss our first few days on vacay? Click a day! DAY 1, DAY 2, DAY 3, DAY 4 & 5 (part 1), Day 5 (part 2) and Day 6.

Our first stop in Chattanooga was the Chattanooga Choo Choo. Andrew and Alex love trains, so we really wanted to take them here.

We went a few streets over into downtown and grabbed lunch next door to the Tennessee Aquarium, where we spent 3 HOURS! If you have never been, you should go! It was so great! There were a lot pf people there, I am sure due to the holiday weekend, but you would know it. There are 2 separate buildings (river and ocean) and they are very well planned out for traffic flow.

 One of the buildings of the aquarium

 Checking out some of the fish that live in rivers

 Alex was ALL ABOUT the snake. The woman in charge of the snake(not a zoo keeper...aquarium keeper?) asked them if they wanted to touch the snake. Andrew looked and Alex and said, "Alex do it." What does Alex do? He GRABS the snake...not gently touch GRABBED the snake. Nice. That's why you see Jason holding his wrist. Alex wanted to hold the snake, I swear. 

 Andrew and I in the piranha tank

Andrew loved how every window had a spot for little kids to sit and look. He was so happy just sitting there and watching the otters.

 Don't you love that turtle? He totally knew he was getting his picture taken - look at that pose! Andrew LOVED the huge fish - I think that is a sturgeon, but I can't remember. There were so many fish!
Those manta rays were just too pretty to not get a picture. I have never seen any with a pattern/color like that! The shark? I had NO idea that I got such a great pic of his face. Creepy lookin, huh? Andrew loved these little domes he could climb into and be "in the water" with everything.

 Jason being silly with his boys in the shark cage LOL

Can you tell Andrew is tired? There is this cave towards the end and he just got in and laid down. So cute. :)

On our way out, I told Jason to wait with the boys for a minute. I asked Andrew and Alex what their favorite fish was at the aquarium. Andrew looked and said, "ray! Then, before I could ask Alex (even though I wouldn't understand him lol), Andrew said, "Alex like ray, too!" Awesome. Done! 

 Our little cuties with their rays and ready to get back home. :)

We hope you enjoyed the pictures of our vacation to Tennessee!

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