Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Day with my Family

A few weekends ago my family came up for a visit. After doing a few birthday parties now, we have come to the realization that, while it may be fun to have everyone at the party it isn't all that great for the grandparents. The little guys much rather play with their friends and the day goes by so fast that it's over just as it started it seems. So we no longer have grandparents come celebrate with us. We were worried it sounded bad, but it is SO much better this way. Each set of grandparents gets their own weekend to celebrate with the birthday guy. They get to talk with him and everything. It is just so much better. Obviously, if it is one of those milestone birthdays, it would not have really worked for us. But now that 1st birthdays are over and done with, we do it this way. Now on to the pictures from the day!!

Andrew and Alex "baking" cookies for everyone. He said they would be ready when they got here. He and Alex handed one out to everyone, too! :)

 Dad was tired after the long drive up

 But we all headed outside after a bit to play some football, get dinner going, and catching up

 It is really odd for me to see these guys all grown up. Just a bunch of dudes out there. When I got married and left home, they were a LOT William is the only was shorter than me. But not for long! I'm sure he will tower over me shortly. ;)

 A few people stayed inside away from the gnat clouds. I am so sick of those bugs... Aren't these two so cute together? Christopher and Alex are pretty tight like that. 

 A took a few pictures from inside hiding behind the blinds. I loved that I caught my Dad and Andrew having a chat together. I know you can't see Andrew very well, but he was jumping all over the place. So this was the best one. Still. I think it is cute!

 Getting the dinner fixins ready! We had lots of food and lots of fun!

While they were all here for the day, we celebrated more than just Andrew's birthday (he got one of his presents at the actual party and some other things this day, too). Two of my five brothers have birthdays in October, so we had gifts for them. Brendan's birthday present was a Halo gamer book or some sort. I don't play. I don't even know the story of the game. But the book looked cool enough! I also packed some Kit-Kats and Sunkist for him - his favorites! William's birthday present was a red US Polo Association hoodie and a bunch of Hershey bars. He is all about polo these days :) 

It was a fabulous day, but too short. Everyone headed home just about getting-ready-for-bed time for the little guys. And, if you know my know they always get home without an issue - not. LOL! I'm sorry, Mom and Dad! None of their cars seem to care to drive that far... It's like every time something goes crazy with the car. But, they got home safe and everything is fixed now. So, no worries! 

We love and miss you guys!!! Thanks for coming!!

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