Monday, October 22, 2012

Pumpkin Patch!!

It was that time again to head out to the Pumpkin Patch!! I just looked back at the pictures from last year's trip to the patch and WOW! The boys have grown like weeds!! Andrew was so tiny last year!! And, Alex, well, hmm...he was always Mr. Chunkster - love it!! :) If you have a second, take a look at those pictures. you will be glad you did.

 Sitting big on the tractor! That's his "I'm awesome" face.

 He is such a big kid! Maybe next year he will be driving it... ;)

On one of the gators

This line is where I would add the pictures of the pony ride, but... This year they both went on a ride! I held onto Alex and he thought it was the best thing ever! He squealed and giggled. He even pet the little horse bye-bye. Andrew was a big boy and just had Daddy next to him. It was so cute!

 Gator Pull aka Train Ride - It was quite a bumpy ride this year, but still fun!

 Lunchtime! Corn dogs and sunchips YUM!

 Andrew checking out the tiny horse. 

 Alex looking at the piggies and turkeys. 

 Time to get on the hay ride!!

 On the hay ride out to the pumpkins!

Walking to the next pumpkin

 Another one looking for his pumpkin

 Alex found one and called over Andrew and Daddy to come see it 

 Love grabbing a picture of some random pumpkins - you can see the ones I found last year here.

 Got two big ones! Time to go home!

This is how to carry to large pumpkins back to the car with 2 little ones! :)

Stay close!! Out pumpkin carving adventures are coming up soon!!

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