Monday, October 8, 2012

Homework for 2 Little Boys

We have been playing "school" almost everyday here. During and after breakfast on non-preschool days we are hard at work on writing and learning colors and doing all sorts of things. At night, after Alex goes to bed, Andrew works on his reading. They are both doing really well with their "homework" and even ask to do some more. Well, we will keep going until they are done, right?

Isn't he getting really good at writing?? I am so proud of him!!
I have to remember to grab some pic of Alex doing his "school work" - he plays with a ABC Puzzle and some flash cards. He's doing really well, too!!

Working on his "reading" before bed with his Tag Jr books.

 Other days we work on numbers with the help of play dough and some cookie cutters (here is one similar to this set that we have)

 It's good to change things up around here and keep it fun. 

They are really enjoying it and we love seeing how much they learn every day!

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