Monday, October 22, 2012

Leaves in the Backyard

A couple days ago, the little guys and I were enjoying the wonderful weather in our backyard.They loved that the yard had a lot of leaves. I don't think we had that many leaves last year -- I might have to get a rake! They went to "work" and even did some art our back. Good times!

Hard at "work" at the leaf yard.
Andrew and Alex always make a big show of telling me "Bye, Mommy. I love you. We going to work now." And then if I don't say this part on my own... "Mommy, tell us to be careful and have a good day." LOL 
Oh, and then I asked Andrew what I was supposed to do (I figured I was a part of their game...enter buzzer -- wrong)... Andrew says, "Mommy, you don't work. You stay home by yours self." I said, "Oh. That's it?" He said, "Oh, you make cookies for us when we get home from working hard."
HAHAHA!! What a man, right?! 

 Ok, no problem... I'll just get back to reading my book. Which, by the way, as a part of the Year of Faith this is only of my reading material and WOW. Are all Vatican documents a hard read?! Goodness. I am on Chapter 2 of the Sacrosanctum Concilium and I have so much more respect and love for our Church now. So much time, effort, prayers, etc went into making our Church what it is today since 33 AD. WOW. 
 I check back on my little worker men after a few sections... cute, aren't they? What is that they have now??

 Why it is a giant branch, of course! Which, they shake up and pluck leaves off of to finish their "work" for the day. :)

Now it is time for some leaf graffiti! WOOT! Gotta love sidewalk chalk. Awesome for them = make a giant mess on clothes. Awesome for me = it does wash off pretty easy :)

Ah, a good late afternoon in the backyard. LOVE IT!

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