Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Some Fun Zoo Pictures

 "Have you seen these gorgeous feathers of mine?"

 I have tried and tried and tried to get a good picture of Mama Orangutan and her baby...

 But they are pretty shy for the social group...but that is a great mom. She is protecting her little one from the fools in the window that think she thinks she is in a real jungle...

 BUT! She grew tired of watching us watching her - and  look!!!  Click the picture to make it bigger. Look at Mama's chin just to the left. Baby Orangutan!! Isn't she cute holding her mommy? So sweet. 

 But what is NOT sweet is the new train schedule at the Zoo. Boo. Lame. Every hour on the 1/2 hour is the train. Every hour on the hour is the lame carousel that NO. ONE. IS. EVER. RIDING. Andrew, Braxton, and Alex were pretty annoyed. Ok, really just Andrew. He knew what was going on...

 At least this guy is getting a ride, right? :p

 Rhinos!! I think of my brother, Christopher, every time I see these two. Mom, if you are reading this (and I know you are!), tell him that this is a mom and her daughter. We learned that last couple times we went.

 This is the smaller on - so the daughter?  Look at that look she is giving... 

"You think this bamboo pole is gonna stop me? I laugh at that sad little pole..." 
I'm going to assume that they are painted to look like that...and that they are made of STEEL! I don't need to be trampled by a rhino today, thank you.

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