Sunday, October 21, 2012

Nature Boy

I wonder if Andrew will be a vet or zookeeper or something when he grows up. He LOVES animals! Max has become his favorite in the past few months. And, he had an amazing encounter with a dragonfly over the summer. Now, we have moved on to cats and lizards. He is so stinkin' cute, too!

He was squealing with laughter, if you can't tell ;) He loved her. He got back in his little car and said, "Mama, she wants come home with us." I told him that she belonged to that house over there. He said, "No, she like me. She's following my car." He is so silly. Funny thing is, later that night, I was taking out the trash and there she was sitting on top of our fence! 

 A teeny, tiny lizard in a teeny, tiny hand :)

 LOTS of giggles and a "Hey Alex!!! Look what I got! It's a baby!"

He started walking around the playground with it and then he had to stop. The lizard started crawling all over him. Which, of course, he thought was HILARIOUS!! Until it went IN his shirt, then I had to help him get the little guy out. Too funny!!

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  1. How fun!! It's so cute that he's such an animal lover at so young...and not scared at all! Wow!! :)


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