Monday, October 8, 2012


HA! I thought it was funny.

September 1st Mantle: Welcome Fall!! I had almost everything from last year that was placed elsewhere for the holidays. That "garland" is just a bunch of leaves stuck behind everything to look like a garland. I did get a bag of those mini pumpkins at Lowe's that Andrew begged me for so that Alex could have some pumpkins, too. The squirrel, Miss Suzy (Yes! From the book, if you read it when you were little. Such a cute story for little ones!!) is actually a salt or pepper shaker from Target (part of this collection, but cannot find it anywhere online...) But that is all I bought this year! Go me!

October 1st Mantle:  Let's Get Spooky!! Again, I pretty much had everything. Actually, in the picture there is nothing new! Nice! I got the Sleepy Hollow book from the bargain bins at Books-a-Million the year before last. The pumpkin wizard is from Hobby Lobby.

Other items:
Mantle shelf - Hobby Lobby
Black candlestick - Target
Apple - Hobby Lobby
Green stand - Part of the Willow Tree Nativity scene - gift from Jason's mom
Antique backgammon board - gift from my mom at one of her go-to's for awesome old stuff :) Mom, what is that place called???
White candle (has an autumn song written on it) - Target, last year on clearance
Small yellow pitcher - Hobby Lobby

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