Monday, October 22, 2012

Meet Frank and Spooky

Did you see those pumpkins the boys picked out at the patch this weekend? They were perfect for carving!
LOL Carve that pumpkin!

 Got the top off - time to clean it out. Ew, it's brains!!! LOL

 Alex was SO quiet while watching his Daddy clean up the pumpkin.

While he finished up hollowing out the pumpkins, I pulled up some easy pictures on the computer for the boys to choose from. Alex wanted a "guy" (aka a skeleton head - why he says it's a guy, I have no idea...). Andrew asked for a scary but happy face. Hmmm....

I drew them on while the cookies were baking.

 Cookies are the perfect treat during a pumpkin carving session!

Time to carve!! Jason did a great job!!

 Watching carefully as Daddy turns the pumpkin into....

 Jack O'Lanterns!!!!!
We would like to introduce Frank (on the left) and Spooky (right)!!

(that's a spooky laugh - go on... you know you wanna do it!)


Want to learn something today? Keep reading.

Halloween is NOT an evil holiday. It is MADE to appear that way by some due to media, Hollywood, and stupid people in this world who are just as miserable as can be. It actually has a very interesting history behind it. Google it sometime. There are lots of things that you can do to make this a FUN and SAFE holiday for your family and children. I'm sure your community has a lot to offer. Ask your local community center/town hall/etc for information. Read a few local blogs. The festivities are endless! Our whole week is packed with so much fun -- I cannot wait!

"The vigil of the Feast (the eve) has come, in the English speaking world, to be known as "All Hallows Eve" or Halloween. While some consider Halloween to be "pagan" in origin it is actually the eve of the great Christian Feast of All Saints. Many of the customs which surround it reflect the Christian confidence in our triumph over death in Christ and our bold rejection of the claim that evil has any more power over us."

The morning after Halloween for us is a Holy Day of Obligation - All Saints' Day. And, yes, we will be attending Mass. On this day we honor all those who are in Heaven. Want to learn more? Click here.

The day after, All Souls' Day, is not an obligation, but a prayer will be added in our day for the souls in Purgatory on their way to Heaven.

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