Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Friday Night Fall Festival

First Fall Festival of the season!! We went to the civic center in our town where the local elementary school out on it's annual fall festival a couple weekends ago. We took Andrew last year (Ale was just a little guy then, so he was in the baby bjorn) and he thought it was cool and all. But this year, he was a big kid! He got to play games this year - some on his own, some with Daddy's help. And, he announced that next year he will ride a ride (Not this time, he said. So cute. And good, too... Mommy isn't ready to have a heart attack).

 Waiting in line at the giant slide

 Cotton candy!! Andrew loved it, but Alex was not too sure about it. LOL

 Getting a ride on the race car train! Alex is blowing me a kiss!
 Andrew played the lollipop tree game where you would pay a ticket to win a lollipop. If the end is painted, you lose. If not, then you win. Andrew won two!! He gave one to Alex :)

We had some snow cones then headed over to the "strong guy game" (anyone know the real name??) Andrew wanted to do it so bad!! He tried 2 times with Daddy. The last turn, Daddy took over and smashed it! The game worker said that the Dads were the only ones able to hit the bell. 

It was  lot of fun that Friday night!! Can't wait to see what is in store for us the rest of the month!!

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