Tuesday, October 16, 2012

McWane Center {with Daddy!}

A couple weekends ago we had made plans to head out to the pumpkin patch. It was the perfect day...cloudy, cool, and crisp. Oh, and RAIN?! So. Not. Fair. Well, we thought it was going to hold off for a while and while in the car leaving the neighborhood, it begins to pour. Darn...we already had the kids in the car and excited about heading out somewhere. So where do we go now??

McWane!!! And we had so much fun!! There weren't a lot of people there either - which seemed odd for the weekend. But it was great! So much fun :)

 Building with GIANT foam blocks is the best! And Alex thought it was cool to knock it all over. LOL

 Crane operator in-training! He LOVED this thing!!

 Alex thinks that the shadows are fun to play with. He is trying to "catch" falling pebbles.

 Train tables are never a bore

 He really wanted to take a fish home LOL

But not this guy!! Look at those eyes!!

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