Friday, February 17, 2012


My mom's furbaby had to be let go today. Tango, the Maltese-Poodle, lived a great life in a house filled with all sorts of things - 4 loud boys, millions of treats, and enough toys to rip out the stuffing. Only, he had 1 baby he never laid a paw on except to hug it - his Lamby. It was quite cute actually. He carried that thing everywhere. He was just like a little kid - only covered in hair that resembled a marshmallow. Ok, that could be ANY kid!

A little story about Tango:

My mom and Tango were definitely meant to be! I'm the oldest and was about to have my first child when she was talking about getting a dog (ok, she ALWAYS talked about getting a dog...). My 1st younger brother was in college and moved out. The next younger brother was in high school and the next 2 were in middle school. And, the last "baby" had just decided he didn't really need her at school (only not in so many words, ya know) - she was a room mom/volunteer at his school.

So to sum up...she's been a mom 26 years (Is that how old I am?) and is still going strong. She still wants to be a "mommy" to someone or something.

She found that in Tango. After she had helped me out when I had Andrew, she got an email from the shelter about a dog needing a home. This poor little guy was horribly neglected and scared. To make it worse...he was going to be put down if a home could not be found with in 3 days. She fell in love with him after meeting him and brought him home.

 My favorite pic of Tango!
Christmas 2009 (he was adopted in October 2009)
This is him yawning singing while Mom plays "Moon River" 
Ok, I don't know the song she was playing, but that what I always hear her playing...

Tango, we will miss you - especially your buddy, Max.

Prayer of St. Francis for the Animals

God Our Heavenly Father,
You created the world
to serve humanity's needs
and to lead them to You.
By our own fault
we have lost the beautiful relationship
which we once had with all your creation.
Help us to see
that by restoring our relationship with You
we will also restore it
with all Your creation.
Give us the grace
to see all animals as gifts from You
and to treat them with respect
for they are Your creation.

We pray for all animals
who are suffering as a result of our neglect.
May the order You originally established
be once again restored to the whole world
through the intercession of the Glorious Virgin Mary,
the prayers of Saint Francis
and the merits of Your Son,
Our Lord Jesus Christ
Who lives and reigns with You
now and forever. Amen.

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