Monday, February 13, 2012

Getting Ready for Valentine's Day!

Andrew has his first Valentine's Party coming up!! And, Alex has his first Valentine's Day!! I got them both cute shirts for the occasion - cuz that's what I do - and I promise to post pics of them. :)

This afternoon, Andrew and I got the Valentine's together for his class. There were many choices - Toy Story, Cars, Winnie the Pooh, Highlights... way too many. I am sure it was the same when I was picking out Valentine's, only I think I only stuck with Barbie, Hello Kitty or Lisa Frank! Anyway, after a few mind changes between Cars and Toy Story, Andrew ended up choosing:

I know. Not Cars or Toy Story. He saw those on an end cap (ha! mama's boy! knows to look on the Target end caps for the goods lol) and was super excited. Only $2.99 - so why not. Plus, it came with stickers instead of tattoos. Which, no, I don't mind...but they are hard to get on when you have someone who is impatient... (talking about the 2 year old...ok, and me).

It came time to get to Valentining - yay! And, yes, that is a word - not. Lol.

Super excited! 

Got them all stacked by colors, too :)

 Adding stickers to the cards for his friends.

Choosing which one this friend and that friend should get. Too cute. He thought about each name and then picked one out. For some he had changed his mind. I wonder what he was thinking while doing this. 

It was really fun to get these little cards together for his class. He is such a sweetie, too. I asked him who his friends were - I was hoping for a name (don't worry I got the name list before doing this!), but he said, "All friends." Love it.

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