Saturday, February 11, 2012

Wear-Em-Out Fridays

HA! I should have that everyday.

Yesterday was a wild one here. We played and played and played ALL morning. And, then we were all WIPED OUT!

It was a lot of fun. And, YES! I actually remembered to take a ton of pics. 53 to be exact. No, I wont have 53 pics for you to look at, but here are some winners :)

Toy Explosion

My little fireman :) This was a Halloween costume that Rachel found in the clearance at Target! Gotta love clearance costumes for the dress up box. The Dollar Spot has some good stuff every now and then to for this kind of playing. 

My silly boys <3

Only the cutest cop ever! 

 Getting tired - can you tell?

This is so not allowed...but I had to take a pic before saying "no no" to Mr. Climber Guy.

What a fun day! :)

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