Friday, February 17, 2012


When I pick up Andrew from school, we run through the typical questions: How was your day? What letter did you learn about today? What songs did you sing? Etc...

Well, it was a bit different coming home this week yesterday. I only got to the first question. 

Me: Hey, sweetie! How was your day?
Andrew: Tubble
Me: What? Trouble?
A: Mm-hmm. Andrew tubble. 
Me: You were in trouble?
A: Mm-hmm. Andrew fends trouble. 
Me: You were in trouble and your friends were in trouble?
A: All tubble.
Me: What happened?
A: [enter spitting noise that is SO NOT allowed]
Me: were spitting?
A: Mm-hmm. Friends, too.
Me: Did you go to time-out?
A: Yes. Sit table. 
Me: We talked about this, Andrew. That's not nice. Are you going to spit again?
A: Mm-mm (and shaking his head no, too)

Oh, my goodness. Can I just tell you that I was sooooo happy to be sitting in front of him! I was dying silently of laughter. I had tears! No, I know. It is so not funny. But it was sooo cute!! 

When we got home, I picked him up and told him how happy he made me for telling me what happened at school. He smiled and gave me a hug and said, "Sorry." Since that day, there hasn't been any "spitting" going on here. Keeping my fingers crossed. It's hard to get mad a such a cute face...

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