Monday, February 27, 2012

This Week at the House

My goodness, the weather is amazing here this week. As I have said a million times before THIS IS WHY I LIVE IN THE SOUTH! Beautiful!

Anyway, today I signed the contract for Lowe's to come install our fence!!!!! SO EXCITED! YAY!

I'm thinking that if the rain holds off until the afternoon (and once I know when the fence guys are coming), Alex and I may head to the library for some mommy and me time. He's been walking like crazy today and I promise to put up a video soon. I think he crawled like twice today. He is such a big boy now! And speaking of him being a big boy, I gotta get to planning his party! I have so many wonderful things planned that I will share with you along the way. We cannot believe he is going to be 1!!! Time flies with 2 boys running around the house :)

Book Update:
I had to quit "reading" (it was an audio book) Following Atticus...I was really hoping it was going to great, but it just went on and on about the guys paper he writes a column for that the poor little dog didn't really show up until an hour or so into it... Eh, I'll just write a book about Max. Only, he is 12 and sleeps most of the day. Exciting. Love our little furball.

I finished The Potluck Club: Trouble's Brewing! I could not put that thing down! I already picked up the last book from the library, too: The Potluck Club Takes the Cake.

But, I am not going to touch it until I finish Beginning to Pray by Anthony Bloom. What an amazing guy by the way! WOW! He was a monk in secret while he was a surgeon...he was in the war but then left it and then came back with a fight to the finish... So amazing! Go read that book to hear more about his fascinating life in the interview at the beginning. But you have really got to search for it. I had to get my copy from amazon through an old book seller that had the book from a very old church library. Even the book has a story!

Our boys are loving all the books we are getting from the library. Andrew even takes his own bag to fill now. He LOVES grabbing books off the shelf and shoving them in his little bag. I have got to get a pic of that! He used to just take whatever. Now, he looks at the cover, the back of the book, asks me what it says, and finally, decides what to do with it: To read or not to read? LOL Cutie pants!

Really this all depends on our fence guys - which I really need them to start ASAP! :) But if it wont be until next week or later this week, then...
Zoo outing
Playground and a picnic
Library for Tot Time

DIY Chalkboard Tray - I couldn't find anything to makeover at the house, so heading to Hobby Lobby :) And our fab trip made me stop thinking about anything else!
Work on plans for kitchen backsplash
Plan Alex's birthday party

What's your week looking like?

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