Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January's Top Posts

Hello February! Can you believe it? February.

January was a little crazy, but we got through it! We may have only had a few projects going on at home, but they were quite fabulous. Our blog is growing, too! I've started writing a lot more and am beginning to look for some freelance jobs here and there. Also, if you are a regular follower (thank you!), have you notice the new ads? YAY! I've joined Google AdSense :) More exciting things coming up, but for now go grab a glass of sweet tea and have a seat! Here are the TOP 10 posts our visitors were reading:

Command Center 311 views
$20 Lego Table 36 views (wow! a post from 2011 made it on the list!)
Home Goals 2012 29 views
A Bit of a Mix-Up 27 views (another 2011 post!)

January was such a fun month - good weather, good books, and lots of good playtime. Here is what January was like in a few pictures:
I'm linking up this photo collage with Simple as That :)

So, how was your January?


  1. love it Heather! seeing photos of your sweet boys always puts a smile on my face. thanks for sharing your month in photos with us!


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