Friday, February 3, 2012

Freezer Cooking Friday

WOW! Today was a biggie for my freezer cooking! It is actually my mom's doing. We were talking earlier and she was saying how she just got finished dicing veggies to put in the freezer. Once the boys went down for their nap I grabbed the veggies I bought Monday and then somehow ended up making 5 meals. And a french vanilla bundt cake - YUM! Funny how that works out. We've been sick around here and so the freezer cooking has not happened. Not one bit.  Until today :)

Here's what I made today:
Chicken, Sweet Potato & Butternut Squash Recipe (for the slow cooker)
Chilled Broccoli Salad
Pork Stir Fry
Veggie Pasta (just add chicken) x2

And what started it all:
Diced green peppers
Diced sweet onions

 Do you know what to do with the broccoli stalks?? I used them for the next recipe! I remembered watching something on Food Network and the chef was making Broccoli Stalk Soup, I think. Anyway, I figured I could sautee them in butter. Everything tastes better with butter. ;)

 So, I sauteed them with 2 chopped zucchinis and 1 diced red pepper. Added a box mini shell pasta - voile! 2 more meals!

Do you freezer cook? You should! All next week we will be having freezer meals! :D 

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  1. Wow... that is awesome. I love having everything made and frozen for easy prep during the week!

    1. Thanks :) I was on a roll before Christmas, but I had to slow my self down. I need a bigger freezer!

  2. Nice! I always do this before I have a new baby and between that and meals from friends/family we are usually stocked for one month. Probably something I should do more often, though!

    1. Yes! I did the same before my boys were born. It does help tremendously, especially when you have the extra meals from friends/family, too. Thanks for stopping by!


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