Thursday, February 9, 2012

Playing at the Park

Over the weekend, we had some great weather. So, that meant PLAYGROUND! Andrew always asks to go to this playground now. It is so funny. It's usually a surprise to go on the weekends - because Daddy gets to play. But, typically, I pick him up from school and this is how the convo goes:

Me: Hi, honey! Did you have a good day?
Andy: Hot dog? 5 Guys?
Me: Sure! What did you do at school?
Andy: Hot dog at playground?
Me: (answer depends on weather and if I remembered the stroller/baby bjorn for Alex)

Funny how they know exactly WHERE they want their lunch FROM and WHERE they would like to eat it... LOL

Anyway, here was our Sunday afternoon :) Enjoy the pics!

Such a big kid now :)

Playing in the mirror

Alex and I are on the swings watching Andrew and Jason play. 

Off to find some fish

Being careful - still muddy from the rain yesterday. See his dirty knees? Lol

My other big boy waving to me!

Throwing some rocks :)

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