Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fabulous Weekend Getaway - Day 2

Have you watched Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives on the Food Network? Guy Fieri is Andrew's favorite - only because he thinks that is the Guy in Five Guys Burgers. LOL. Anyway, we went to an amazing little diner for breakfast Saturday morning: The Silver Skillet. And, yes, Guy was right. It was soooo good!! So good that we went there for breakfast before leaving to head home!

So cute!

 Looking at all the pics on the wall and found Guy!! And we saw the owner. And our waitress was the waitress in the clip! AWESOME!

 Play some trivial pursuit while waiting :)

We drove around Atlanta checking out the sights and did some shopping at Lenox Square after grabbing some pizza for lunch at Ray's NY Pizza.

Love these buildings. I just love city buildings. They are so pretty!

Then we saw this crazy thing (which was pretty cool) from the highway on the way to Lenox Square. It's is a sculpture for a church project for Freedom from Slavery - it is made out of items that you wouldn't realize are still keeping slavery an issue. Soccer balls, stuffed animals, jeans, chocolate, etc. 

 I have seriously got to get better at the camera phone thing...I didn't even know I took the pic! Anyway, getting ready for a fancy night out at Houston's! An amazing place recommended by Jason's coworker :) Thanks!!

 Us being goofy on the train ride over :)

Dinner was awesome! Spinach-Artichoke dip, more crab cakes for me, bbq ribs for Jason, cosmopolitans and rum and cokes! Such a fun night! Ended our last night by having a bottle of my fav bubbly (what we had on actual Valentine's night, too!) from Jason's mom:

Pick from Valentine's Day since we were very very silly after our 2nd night of celebrating!

If you missed our first day, check it out here.

Stayed tuned - we are saying goodbye to Atlanta in the next post :(

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