Monday, March 26, 2012

Conversations with a Toddler

Andrew really cracks me up these day. He's always been a funny guy, but now I'm just amazed at what he tells me.

We were eating dinner one night and Andrew asked me about Daddy and why he wasn't home yet. Jason was working a bit later than usual and was on his way home. The kids were starving so we went ahead with dinner.

Andrew: Where Daddy?
Me: He's on his way home. He had to finish something at work.
A: At Lowe's?

(Lowe's is Andrew's new obsession...)

Me: No, he's not at Lowe's right now.
A: Andrew go Lowe's. Daddy go Lowe's.
Me: You want to go to Lowe's with Daddy?
A: Mmhmm. Get dinner.
Me: What? You can't eat dinner at Lowe's, silly.
A: No, Mama.

(apparently I'm the silly one...)

A: Andrew and Daddy go dinner. Eat "case dia" (I'm trying to type it how he says...he wants a quesadilla)
Me: Oh, sure. You and Daddy can do have dinner and then go to Lowe's one day.
A: Tomorrow?
Me: Maybe.
A: Saturday?
Me: Maybe.

(now he tilts his head to the side and sighs...)

A: Mama....

LOL gotta love talking with a toddler.  :)

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