Thursday, March 8, 2012

Zoo Day

In case you haven't heard... I LOVE THE SOUTH! The weather has been FABULOUS! Great day for a day at the Zoo.

Train ride - can't go to the zoo without doing this :) By the way, he SO looks just like my youngest brother!

Gotta ring the bell, too!

 Checking out the macaws - And! Don't you LOVE our new stroller?! I hate the one behind the other kind. And, Andrew no longer was thrilled about the sit-n-stand (he like the standing, but wanted to face forward when sitting). So I found this at Babies R Us ON CLEARANCE! :) Woot! $68 is way better than $99. They love that they get to sit BESIDE each other, too! Another bonus (or 2) - it fold crazy flat and is super light. Double score!

 This guy was squawking up a storm with my guys.

Checking out the fish in the Children's Zoo

 Rock climber man

My little explorer

Farmer Andrew

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