Thursday, March 15, 2012

How We Reuse Plastic Containers

Waking up after nap time typically means that there are TWO grumpy monkeys in the house waiting for their Daddy to come home. Making dinner around this time also means that those two grumpy monkeys are running around the kitchen wondering what Mommy is going to feed them RIGHT NOW. Not what they are going to have at dinnertime. So, instead of them rummaging through all the cabinets and me telling them to go play every 5 seconds, I now have them sitting happily at the kitchen table playing with empty containers that used to hold butter and whatnot. Now these nifty things hold trains, mini-snacks, or anything else I can think of at that moment. Good stuff. Mom used to do this with all of us, so why I haven't figured this one out until last week...I couldn't tell you. But, I am very happy with this supermom moment!

Alex loves moving all those mini trains from one bucket to the next. And repeating that again and again.

 Andrew works on place colorful pom-poms from one container to the next with a measuring spoon. He was so careful with this "job" and told me each color he was working with. 

Do you reuse these containers, too? Aren't they great!?

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  1. So glad I saw this! I started saving a bunch of plastic containers thinking I would need them for something. Great idea!


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