Sunday, March 18, 2012

Of Trikes and Duck Tape

Andrew saw one of his little buddies cruising on his set of wheels a few weeks ago. Then just these past few days, he has seen the big kids on their bikes going up and down our street. So, after dinner, we tried again with his little trike we got him for his birthday (an awesome Craigslist find btw!) about a 1/2 year ago. But, it was cold and icky. Now, the weather's awesome! :)

Warning: We do live in the South. We learn to ride bikes a bit differently here. Kidding... But, I have to tease my hubby. He put duck tape on Andrew's feet! I can't find any toe clips for the Radio Flyer Fold-N-Go Tricycle. He has trouble keeping to cute little feet on the peddles. So, this was Jason's solution. As for me, I was cracking up the entire time...awesome parenting LOL


How did/do you get a toddler to learn to ride a trike?

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