Monday, March 19, 2012

Yeah, We're Hap-hap-py!

Let's set the mood with a song :)

Mungo Jerry - In the Summertime

So, wanna know why we're hap-hap-py??

Thursday afternoon, this pile of wood arrived!

EEEEEE!!!! So excited! That is all the supplies for our new fence! Our new fence that, I swear, went up in record time Friday morning! Lowe's got here at 7am and were DONE at 12:06pm. No joke. Cleaned up and done! If there is any other installation jobs we need, they are so gonna be doing it. Amazing job, guys!

Now, who wants to see the awesomeness???

 Going up!

 Loving the action in the backyard LOL 

 Goodbye, rotting Christmas tree from 2008... Ick. 

1/2 way finished :)

Man, our yard looks HUGE now that we have it fenced!

 Snack time at the picnic table (once again an awesome Craigslist find! $25! Woot)

 Loving his backyard more than ever :) He was rather worried that I told him to "go" and he was not on the yard leash LOL

 Ok, imagine a Pottery Barn inspired patio set on the concrete! Awesome :) Like this one? With a great market umbrella in red! LOVE!

AND! Picture a few more "fakerondacks" and another great market umbrella with some side tables! 

And, just for fun, cant you picture looking up at the beautiful sky from our back yard...

relaxing in this? :D

 Awesome :)

I have a ton of ideas. I love out backyard so much more now. 

Now to get rid of the wasps...
How about a DIY Wasp Trap for my "to do" list this week :) Heh...heh...

Are you excited about the warm weather?

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