Thursday, March 15, 2012

No Such Thing as Winter

Some fun pictures from the park last week :) It was 70 something that day! I LOVE IT!!!

Now that the weather has decided to stay awesome, Andrew replies "Hot dog lunch at playground" when I ask him what he wants for lunch after school. He is such a big kid. 

Either picking up a rock or a bug...

Loves to swing with his brother :)

 Cracks me up! Andrew is having a blast and Alex is looking at him with some sort of interesting look. LOL

Andrew told me to swing and "no pictures anymore" Sorry, buddy. I'm gonna. 


Wondering why he can't go on the big kid stuff

 Seriously, how did he grow up so fast?

 He saw this and said "Horton!"
I didn't realize what he was looking at. He picked it up and gave it to me.
I said, "What's this?"

 Toddler Tai Chi = Instead of moving slowly and calmly, wave your arms about as wild as you can!

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