Monday, October 31, 2011

10 Goals

It's been a good week! It was extremely busy over the weekend, so nothing in the Home category got touched. Oh well, I'm gonna embrace this quote while I can:
"Please excuse the mess. The children's are making memories." 
~ Unknown ~
1.  Read a chapter from Winnie the Pooh & the Hundred Acre Wood each night, plus 1 book chosen by Andrew.
2. Work on ABCs and numbers 1-3.
3. Bedtime prayers.

1. Finish Bake Sale Murder. Start The Reapers are the Angels (from A Good Story... Podcast)
2. Get the necessary info from Church on becoming a Eucharistic Minister. I have some comments on this.
3. Zumba I just started this again today :) 
4. Go to bed by 11. Let's see if that will work instead.  YAY ME!!
1. Get Andrew's window replaced.... That will be fun story to share later.
2. Fix pantry light.
3. Yard maintenance - We will have a few nice days this week, so hopefully I can get the yard taken care of (final mowing, weeding, trimming, etc...)
4. Start getting Christmas gifts! Can you believe it!? I have started! Just not finished :)
This week's goals:
1. Bedtime story
2. Bedtime prayers
3. Continue working on ABC/123s
1. Finish The Reapers are the Angels. Start Between Heaven and Mirth
2. Eucharistic Ministry - I plan on calling the person in charge by Wednesday to get this going. I just have some concerns (not religious. that wouldn't make sense. this explanation may have to wait...)
3. Keep up the work out!!
4. Keep getting to bed by 11 - I've been good at this so far.  

1. Fix Andrew's window
2. Pantry light repair
3. Yard

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