Thursday, October 27, 2011

Let the Halloween Festivities Begin!

Happy Halloween from Dino Dan aka Andrew!

Andrew is Dino Dan this year, as you can see. 

Complete with Dinoculars - for getting a better look at the King of the Dinosaurs.

Which I think he may have found...

Yep! He found the King of the Dinos aka the T-Rex aka Alex!

Such a cute dinosaur, too!

But don't get too close...

Dino Dan checks his Dino Dan Field Guide to make sure that he has in fact spotted the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Nope. His field guide say he is only Alex - LOL!

Best Halloween costumes yet! And for a pretty cheap penny, too!
Dino Dan outfit - had the t-shirt, had the shorts (has khaki already just in case it is colder). Vest $2 from consignment sale. Binoculars $5 Toys R Us sale. Dino Stickers to make the binoculars the dinoculars , I had those. Field Guide $1 Spot at Target over the summer. $8 TOTAL

Dinosaur Costumer for Alex - on sale $15 at Children's Place back in August. Sweet.

Happy Halloween!


  1. they're both so handsome! Love the cheap costumes! They're always my favorites!

  2. thanks! yes - cheap ones with little effort are the best!!

  3. LOL! Love these little guys sooooo much!!!! (love that awesome Halloween music too!!!)

  4. thanks mom! that is the song i was telling you about, too! :)


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