Thursday, October 6, 2011

Through the Window

When I go pick up Andrew from school I get there pretty early just so I can read some of whatever book is currently "open" on the kindle (right now it is "13 Little Blue Envelopes" SO GOOD!). Alex usually is taking a mini nap and it is the perfect silence for reading.

Well, Tuesday, I could hear a little boy that sounded just like my little boy saying "MAMA!" I turn to look around to see if it is a child in the car next to me.


I look the other way and realize that Andrew's classroom window is right there. Cool, I thought. Even cooler...guess who was pointing to my car and giving the biggest smile in the world?


My heart soars when I see how excited he is that I am waiting for him.

Today, I made sure to definitely get there and (hopefully) be the car right in front of that window again. And, what do you know?

He was waiting right there for me again with another wonderfully happy smile telling his friends something and waving to me.

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