Monday, October 24, 2011

10 Goals

Well, it was a pretty successful week, I believe. Here are last's weeks goals:

1. Read 30 mins a day (pretty easy since they both love books)
2. Read 1 bedtime story from
Best-Loved Tales 3 Minute Stories (Actually finished the book. Andrew loved it!)
3. Work on the ABCs
4. Start saying a bedtime prayer. (well, sort of. Andrew has learned "Amen" while folding his hands. He only touches his head for the Sign of the Cross, too. Good job, little man!)
5. Date night with my hubby (ended up being family night - still fun!)

1. Finish reading
Something Borrowed by Emily Griffin; start reading Then Came You by Jennifer Weiner and Power Foods (Whole Foods/Martha Stewart) (I did not like the first 1/3 of Then Came You so I ended it)
2. Finish valance for playroom/office (sorta)
3. Stop staying up so late! Riiiiigggght

1. Fix pantry doors.
2. Organize the boys' closet - again...
3. Menu Plan/Grocery List
Now for this week's goals:

1.  Read a chapter from Winnie the Pooh & the Hundred Acre Wood each night, plus 1 book chosen by Andrew.
2. Work on ABCs and numbers 1-3.
3. Bedtime prayers.

1. Finish Bake Sale Murder. Start The Reapers are the Angels (from A Good Story... Podcast)
2. Get the necessary info from Church on becoming a Eucharistic Minister.
3. Zumba I just started this again today :) 
4. Go to bed by 11. Let's see if that will work instead. 
1. Get Andrew's window replaced.... That will be fun story to share later. 
2. Fix pantry light.
3. Yard maintenance - We will have a few nice days this week, so hopefully I can get the yard taken care of (final mowing, weeding, trimming, etc...)
4. Start getting Christmas gifts! Can you believe it!?
What are your plans for this week? Link up here!


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