Sunday, October 23, 2011

Freezer Cooking Fridays

Yes, this is Sunday... I know this. And, I baked a little tiny bit on Friday. I also cheated and did some freezer cooking during the week.

But, see, once you get the hang of the whole freezer cooking thing, it suddenly happens when it isn't the scheduled day.

Anyhoo! A wonderful friend of mine, Kendra, had beautiful Baby B at the end of September, but was not able to come home with her in the very beginning. But, due to a numerous about of loving friends and family keeping Mama and Baby B in their prayers everyday until she was able to come home. So, about 3 weeks later B was home!! YAY! So, while they are getting used to routines and whatnot, friends and family have been cooking and/or whatever else to help. This week was mainly for you, girl!

This is what I made for the new mama the past few days:

Chicken Taco Chili
Tortellini Soup
Cream Cheese Pumpkin Bread
**All of the sides and things I will have for her, too. :) YUM! What was awesome was that these recipes were so large that ended up with 3 meals of the dinner. So, we had ours the night I made it, I have hers and another night in the freezer. Sweet. Thank you, OAMM!

The other reason for my freezer cooking this week is for my Church's Bake Sale! So, I have a loaf of the cream cheese pumpkin bread and a batch of chocolate chip muffins for that. If you are a local and are interested in the bake sale, please head over to our Facebook page. I will have more about information about it later this week.

I will be making a lot more yummy items this week. The holidays are coming up and I plan on bringing the goodies. So, stay tuned!

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