Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Office/Playroom Makeover - Coming to an End

First, thanks to preschool followed by naptime after lunch! I worked on this horrible room from 9 to about 4. But, it is clean, organized, and ready for those boys to come and play.

 Yes, the monster desk is still living here... But, now our office area is more organized and cleaned up. The plans for a 2 person desk is still up in the air. Also, I am going to fix up my chair - it is very old and needs some love.

 I can finally open the closet door without making sure nothing will fall on me. Yes, it was THAT bad. Now, my wreath are hung up. My crafting supplies are ALL organized - YAY! I can find my gift bags. And there is a nice little space for those 2 green crates to stay when they are not being played with (Thomas stuff and Little People playsets). I can find all of my holiday items. And, on the top shelf (Itso fabric bins from Target), I have Wedding Albums, Scrapbook albums that are completed, and Jason's childhood things that he wants to save for his little guys. Ah, a closet full of happy :)

 Here's the wall with the closet. Isn't it pretty? I am happy with this room now. I don't come in dreading over what I need to climb over and what dead spider I need to avoid killing further. At least they are dead ones. I can handle those much better. 

So, the cubby holds the boys toys: blocks, cars, balls, etc. I got these fun word strips that you see in elementary schools that I will use to label the bins. I got those at the Dollar Tree :) That blank canvas will have some artwork on it soon. I am still working on an idea for that. See that fun vintage TV - that was a present from my Mom's friend for Andrew. Very cute. I am also going to find a fun lamp for the top. 

See the bookshelf? I took the doors off. They were obnoxious. They didn't even work... So, poof! Gone! It looks a bit bare, but not for long. For right now, it is holding books, puzzles, and some things for when they are a bit bigger. I added a fun mirror from Target for $5! And that storage ottoman holds hats and sunglasses - dress up stuff. Thank you Mom and Kelly for the great hats for them! I am also going to hang up Andrew's Aquadoodle in here for him to play with. :)

Ah, a happy and organized office/playroom!

Next on the list:
1. Wall art
2. Chair makeover
3. Accessories
4. Lamp
5. A fun area rug

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  1. What a nice way to combine the rooms!

  2. Thanks! It's been nice to have a place for them to get to their toys and me having a moment to check my email :)


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