Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Oh, Motherhood...

Usually up with Alex = diaper change and morning drink

Start a load of laundry or fold any waiting in the dryer. Unload/load dishwasher - All while drinking coffee and listening to the Weather Channel hoping to hear at some point what today will bring.

Time for Andrew to get up (and I think Jason's alarm clock sounded for the 2nd time...maybe 3rd). Max gets let outside, too.

715-745ish am
Breakfast for the boys. Yep, Alex had a bottle, but he enjoys sitting/eating with Andrew. Cute. In the meantime, grab another cup of coffee and continue to listen to the morning weather report and finally catching that it will be a lovely day with a high of 50-yard touchdown pass to Jordy Nelson. HUH? Seems that someone changed to the NFL Network.

Andrew and Alex say goodbye to Daddy and now it is time for running around the house. Somehow a hug and kiss happen with us in the midst of morning "rush hour" as a box of legos are poured out on the floor. All the while Max is barking to be let back in - poor guy. He's a Southerner, too...50 is below freezing for us.

Pack the kids in the car and head to Publix. Having to go back into the house 3 times because sunglasses for some odd reason are NEVER kept in the same place. Oh, and Andrew wants to bring a drink with him.

Leaving with some yummy ingredients and a large sprinkle cookie from the bakery for a very good toddler.

Back home to unpack the car with the help of Andrew. He never comes back out to the garage for another bag. He's decided that the thing of t.p. is an awesome idea for cars to crash into.

Get Alex his bottle and sit down for a moment with him only to realize that 2 dozen eggs were left in the front seat! AH! Good thing Alex can hold his bottle now.

Get lunch started, ingredients for dinner out, and another cup of coffee all while listening to the wonderful laughter of my two little guys. And, then screams from both because they each wanted the same toy...which is a baby toy...a teething ring to be exact. Really, guys?

Last half-hour of play before nap time!! Counting down the minutes...

Naptime has arrived! Diapers are changed, everyone has been fed, toys have been picked up. Ah, sit down and enjoy a few moments before realizing I never went to the bathroom...

130pm, 2pm, 230pm, 3pm
OMG. Andrew has decided to NOT take a nap for whatever reason. So, I had to go in and stop him from pulling out ALL the wipes, stop him from pulling out ALL the clothes, stop him from kicking the door (he wasn't mad, he was laughing...ugh), and finally stop him from the madness that was not naptime. There goes my sanity-saver. lol But, in the midst of all that, I did get dinner started

Turn off the oven, pack the kids back in the car and run the rest of the errands for the day - recycling drop off and car wash/vacuum

Play with the little guys only realizing that there is not much imagination left in the mind of an exhausted 26-year-old mother. Time to get up and finish dinner. Jason's home! 

Dinnertime and then more playing.

Getting ready for bed = bathtime, storytime, and, finally, goodnight :)


  1. Your day just tired me out! :)
    Thanks for your comment on my blog and for trying the retreat!! God bless!

  2. Whew! Right? Luckily, that was monday and it has been much better as the week went on. Everyone has a monday, I suppose. ;) Even the little ones.


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