Saturday, October 22, 2011

There's a Giraffe at a Playground

On the way home the other day, Jason and I caught a glimpse of a park that had a giraffe. This morning we took the boys there. 


Pretty random, huh? There are no signs for the animals either. But, Andrew was pretty excited to see a baby elephant, a giraffe, and a larger-than-life fish!

He is so much more confident on the equipment now that he is in preschool. I wish I had gotten a picture of him climbing a ladder! I had no idea he could do that! WOW!

Alex's first time on the swings!! There were 4 swings here and Andrew pointed to each saying, "Daddy. Mama. Andoo. Alex." I wasn't too sure, but he is crawling so why not?

He loved it! You can see him smiling, but I wish you could hear him! He would giggle and squeal on his way back to me. LOL

 Tired after swinging.

 Off to one side of the park was this little river that was lined with some huge rocks. Andrew was super excited about this since he LOVES rocks!

Leaping over for a better look.

Looking for fish since Jason told him that giant fish jumped out of the water.

Watching the water.

Trying to catch the bubbles made by a mini whirlpool from the mini waterfall.

Gorgeous. This maybe our new favorite.

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