Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas in the Kitchen

This was the first year that I have done this - decorated the tops of the kitchen cabinets for Christmas. I usually have collection of baskets up there, but we have collected a lot of things over the past 4 years of marriage  that I wanted more of it out. I must say I am quite pleased! :D

 The "cooking" side of the kitchen (left to right):
"Home Sweet Home - Where something good is always brewing sign" Found that at Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago. Not Christmas, but the red worked and I loved it so much! It's sitting on a basket with a huge handle to help hold it up.
Grandmother's vase filled with Christmas ornaments (from Dollar store a few years ago)
Mini Tree (from Hobby Lobby a few years ago)
Random candle
My "W" sign I painted place in front of our wreath that used to be on the front door - I have a new one outside this year!
The apple from my fall mantle sitting on a candle holder in a basket of red flowers

The "prep" side of the kitchen (on the left cabinets):
Angel of Prayer on a candle holder (she goes with our nativity)
Square vase filled with gold beaded garland (Hobby Lobby a few years ago)

 The "prep" side of the kitchen (on the right cabinets)
Another vase filled with more red flowers and ancient candy canes (Ew. Seriously, I found them in one of the boxes from the attic. Thought to use them here instead of throwing them away.) 
My awesome vase from my Maid of Honor, Christina, filled with Christmas bells

So what do you think of the kitchen cabinets?
Do you decorate the tops of yours throughout the year, just at Christmas, or leave them alone?

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