Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Book for Every Mom {GIVEAWAY!}

I recently finished reading a wonderful book that every mom should read whether she just found out she is pregnant or she is on child number 6. Don't Sweat the Small Stuff might look small but is packed with so many ways to start focusing on the things that matter and stress less about the fact that your toddler is still awake well past his bedtime. Ugh, he is in bed though...right?

The thing I love most about what the author, Kristine Carlson, did with this book was the layout of the chapters. They aren't numbered or in any particular order. Say you are a mother to a "tween" and they are just dying to be on Facebook because "all their friends are doing it." It's freaking you out because of internet jerks, adolescent irresponsibility, cyber-bullying, etc. The list goes on, right? Well, she has a whole section that. Maybe you are personally having an issue, like you have friends that just don't get that you are a mom and you can't just "go out" anymore. There is a chapter on learning how to surround yourself with good mothers. They not only will understand, but they will be filled with so much wisdom and will be like having your own Super Nanny almost.

I have to share my favorite chapter - Practice Breathing Before You Speak. See, I get pretty impatient (Ok, you people that know me - stop rolling your eyes and saying, "You? No way..." Haha very funny!). I had gotten a bit better, but then these 2 little people came into our lives and I swear my 2.5 year old thinks he truly owns the world with his 14 month old brother as his sidekick. Ok, maybe the sidekick part can be true, but really? Together they hilarious and I love the closeness they share. But, sometimes things get wild around here and I go crazy because no one has listened to the phrase, "Stop throwing that truck!" for the last 500 times. That really makes me mad... But, if I would just take a second to breath and realize that they are only toddlers, then I could approach this a little bit better than, "THAT IS IT! YOU TWO ARE IN VERY LONG TIME OUTS!" which we know doesn't happen...they only sit in time out for a minute or two (1 minute for Alex 2 for the other guy that started the madness lol).

Being a mother is so hard at times and I have heard many parents (yes, that includes some of you dads out there!) asking why no one was given a manual on this kid. Well, this is the closest thing to a manual you will find.  Anything you need a piece of advice on - about toddlers or your adult children - it is all in this book.

Would you like to stop sweating the small stuff and enjoy your family a bit more? Leave me a comment below with the best advice you have to share with other moms. We can all use some help, right?!

My advice: Kids acting up while you are trying to get the laundry (or whatever) done? Leave it. Go play with your kids. That is usually the reason for the insanity. THEY WANT YOU. They don't care if the laundry is put away at that moment. So sit on the floor with them and start playing! :)

Giveaway will end June 30th. Winner will be announced July 1st.

Disclaimer: I received this book (no other compensation) for review/giveaway purposes. All opinions are my own. Please view my Disclosure Policy for further information. Thank you!


  1. advice? I read in a book recently that before you react to your child's behavior, ask yourself if you would say/do the same thing if Jesus was standing next to you watching. I read that and was like, "Whoa!!!"

  2. Remember that you are raising a human being--not managing an inconvenience.

    This saying is extremely convicting to me when I let all the little things that "need" to be done get in the way of mothering my precious little boys.


  3. MY best thing is take things in stride.. kids live in the moment, just breathe and try to look at things from their view!

  4. Try to remember that they are only young once, who cares about the messy house...If they ask you to paint there nails or play catch, take the time to do it, one day they won't want to be around you and you will regret the time you didn't spend with them

    Gennie P.

  5. There's a fine line that us mothers walk when parenting. Our children do need us with our full attention rather than the distracted moments that sometimes happen. And messy houses can wait. But I also believe that children need independent play time to foster creativity and imagination.

  6. Im not a Mum so hopefully this doesnt disqualify me from entering, but I was a kid once ;) I believe if you talk to a child and explain why they cant buy that/eat that/do that then they actually get it rather than just flat out NO. Ive seen other Mums do it and it works every time.

  7. I teach my kids to help around the house. It gives them some responsibility, and I have more time to do fun things with them.


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